Hi! My name is Shakira Abdul-Ali. Welcome to my blog. I created XTreme Alchemy as a place to share my musings, insights and ideas concerning wellness and wealth-building. I define both of these concepts very broadly here. For me, wellness covers practices, products and methodologies that generate wellness of body, mind, and spirit; wellness in community; wellness in organizations – in short – wellness wherever and however human beings show up. Which leads me to wealth-building. Most of the time, people don’t think of wealth as a wellness issue. However, it is quite easy to see that where there is no abundance, where there is, instead, poverty, it is clear that wellness is generally absent. That is not to say that love cannot exist amidst poverty; love and wellness are not equal in substance. It’s just that well-being and wellness are difficult to attain where there is an absence of wealth. So I will be sharing my thoughts on what occurs for me, in the realms of wellness and wealth-building.

I would like to say a word about my brand – Alchemy. Alchemy is the ancient science of (the attempt at) transforming base metals into gold. In my search to define who I am as an entrepreneur, this is what showed up for me. For my entire career, I have focused on human development on one level or another. Whether developing a local economy for the benefit of local and regional residents and business owners, or providing support to entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop their enterprise, or to supporting people or organizations to develop themselves to reach their highest good, I have focused on helping others to transform the base metals of their existence into gold.

I once took an assessment to learn about the archetype with which I most closely aligned. Turns out I am a Magician. In Jungian philosophy, the magician is the one who seeks esoteric knowledge to bring about transformation, or bring new things into existence. The magician believes in infinite potential and possibility. Surely that is me. I believe in my own infinite possibility, as much as I believe in yours. I am so looking forward on our journey together.

Blessings. See you at the Top!


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