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Mom Always Said, “Get a good education.” She Just Didn’t Know What Kind!

Mom meant for me to get a four-year degree that would place me in the queue for “a good job, with good benefits.” Well – I’m a Good Girl. I got the good education. I even got the graduate degree. And I did, sure as sunshine, get a good job. Well – a good “gov’ment” job anyway.

I enjoyed the work I did. I started out as an analyst – studying economic development trends that would impact the municipality for which I worked. I then went on to work with entrepreneurs and business owners in that community – helping them in ways that would revitalize neighborhood commercial corridors. Fulfilling work, really. But not the financial freedom or lifestyle that I craved.

But that’s when I got bit by the bug. After a few years of seeing the possibilities that others were – or weren’t able to take advantage of, I decided that entrepreneurship was for ME. I quit my job, and launched Community Development Ventures – without a clue in the world about what I was doing. After starving for about six months (as I had zero savings when I implemented my bright idea), The Good Lord took a liking to me and handed me a nine-month contract. Gratefully, that project turned into a job. I say gratefully because I had no understanding of what it took to run a SUCCESSFUL business.

Another decade and change roll by, and I decided again, with a $250K contract in hand, that, “NOW is the time!” Indeed, I had learned quite a bit about business – the hard way – so I did a bit better job of operating that second venture. In fact, my company, Alchemy Consulting, LLC, continues to operate, and I have clients whom I continue to serve.

HOWEVER – what I have since learned is that self-employment, and to a large extent, small business ownership, is much the same as holding a job. The major differences are that instead of answering to one boss, as an employee, you are obliged to answer to many bosses – otherwise known as clients or customers. And – typically, you work harder, and for longer hours, though your compensation MIGHT be more robust and satisfying, when your clients pay you.

Yet – I’m finding that my home-based business has the potential to offer the financial freedom and lifestyle that I’m craving at this point in my life. I don’t mind working hard for a few years – maybe three to five years – to relax into a more selective work pattern. The network marketing model permits a lifestyle where work hours are far more controllable, and the compensation allows for true re-creation, and investment in other activities.

Thanks to my Mom, I again understand the real value of a good education! Just as I invested in four years of college, and two years of graduate school, I’m finding that it is critical to learn about the industry that I’ve chosen for this stage in my life. My business associate and team leader, British Hill, has put together an exceptional lineup of industry professionals for a weekend of training. I hope you’ll join us for this power-packed virtual seminar.

See you at the top!