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Wellness in A Bottle … How Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Changed My Life and Support My Well-Being

As we speak, our country is in the midst of a lively and often volatile debate over how healthcare is dispensed to our citizens.  Regardless of which side you take, the cold hard reality is that healthcare is vital to our well-being.  Everyone will, at some time or another, find themselves or a loved one in the position of having to address a wellness concern.

In my own case, I found myself, in 2007, experiencing the worst year I’ve ever had, coping with chronic asthma and bronchitis.  Neither condition was new to me.  I have suffered seriously with asthma all of my life.  Since the age of four, I have been rushed to emergency rooms in the nick of time, to receive medications that would restore the very breath of life into my lungs.  As I grew older, the attacks became less virulent, with the chronic effects transitioning from breathless wheezing, to a dry, hacking cough.  In 2007, the dry cough transitioned into something that was much closer to a mucous-filled bellowing.  It was absolutely horrible.  I would sit on the northeast corridor train in the morning, coughing all the way from Trenton to Newark or New York.  Though the train was already crowded, and seating was coveted, people would often get up to leave me sitting alone.  Others would just throw daggers in my direction with their cold, glassy, disgusted stare.  I couldn’t much blame them.  I hated me!

I tried everything.  I was visiting with my own doctor, and then a specialist, nearly every six weeks, trying first one medication, and then another.  Inhalants.  Steroid-based medications.  Various codeine-based cough syrups.  Nothing seemed to help.  I was coughing so hard, and so frequently, that I didn’t even realize I wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep.  One evening, I was so desperate that I called my doctor’s emergency number from the pharmacy, begging for some medication that would offer me at least one night of rest.  I was nearly in tears.  The medication that was prescribed that evening was a cough syrup that cost me $90 for one bottle – with my insurance!  AND – it didn’t work at all!  It didn’t diminish my misery by even the slightest degree.  I was devastated.  And I remained so until the Spring of 2008, when I was introduced to Young Living.

A dear friend encouraged me to go with her to a product show at a nearby hotel.  Based on her endorsement, and the palpable enthusiasm of dozens of other Young Living customers, I purchased a collection of products which included a series of nine oils, and a potent energy drink called NingXia (pronounced ninShaa) Red.  I offered the drink to my husband (who had contracted Type II diabetes several years earlier), while I started using the oils.  Both of us began to experience amazing results.  I noticed that my coughing had begun to diminish somewhat, and my husband’s glucose levels began to taper off to more normal readings (dropping from a range of 220 to 400, to a range of 120 to 190).  I thought we were on to something.  By August of 2008, I was convinced that the oils could make a substantial difference for both of us.  That month, I ordered the oil kit called Golden Touch – a series of oils promoted to support the immune and respiratory systems.  My results were nothing less than astonishing!  That October, I found myself facing an imminent bout of the flu.  I was aching all over; my sinuses were clogged; my cough was becoming more severe.  That evening, I applied several of the oils from the Golden Touch kit to my chest, and I put a drop of each of the oils into a cup of hot tea.  The aroma from the oils permeated my bedroom, as well as the hallway leading into my room.  First, I experienced a fairly comfortable evening.  Not wanting to take any chances, I repeated my ritual the next morning.  By the end of that second night, I was feeling substantially better.  By the next morning, I was able to return to work.  Had I come down with those flu symptoms the year before, I would have had to take to my bed for an entire week!  I am happy to report that I haven’t taken ONE medication for asthma since September 2008!

After that experience, I was completely sold.  I had to know more about these oils that were for me, miraculous.  I learned that Young Living is a company that produces the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils on today’s market.  The company owns four farms – in Utah, Idaho, France and Ecuador. From these farms, as well as other sources around the world, they grow and harvest, or buy the botanicals from which they produce the oils.  The oils are very carefully extracted from the plants in a distillation process.  These oils are far more potent than herbs – which are essentially dead plant material, once the ‘life blood’ (oil) is removed.  One drop of oil represents the potency of one ounce of plant material.

While many companies produce essential oils, only Young Living produces a therapeutic quality that is so pure that their oils are used aromatically (through the sense of smell), topically (applied directly on the body) and internally (consumed in liquids, on food, in capsules, or directly under the tongue).

Young Living has been producing therapeutic grade essential oils for more than twenty years.  Over that period, thousands of men and women have described extraordinary results from their use of these fine products. People suffering from such conditions as asthma, diabetes (“sugar”), high blood pressure, depression, allergies, and other chronic ailments have found sustained relief.  Others, suffering from such acute conditions as colds, rashes, diarrhea, constipation, PMS and other similar challenges, also found relief that was not otherwise complicated with the side effects of ostensibly fast-acting, but dangerous pharmaceuticals.

There are over a million wholesale customers and distributors all around the globe sharing the wonders of these oils with their families, neighbors and friends.  I invite you to explore how you, too, can enjoy Wellness, Purpose and Abundance with Young Living oils.